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Opposition picks RSS leaders' statements out of context to attack BJP, says RLD's Malook Nagar

New Delhi: RLD leader Malook Nagar on Saturday said that the Opposition leaders selectively picked up the statement of RSS leaders out of context to use against the ruling BJP.
"Those who always indulged in defaming RSS, now selectively pick up the statement of RSS leaders and say that RSS has said this (against BJP) and that. Does this mean that from now on they will stop defaming RSS and admit that whatever they said against RSS in the past was wrong?"
The RLD leader's statement followed statements by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat and party member Indresh Kumar after the Lok Sabha election which many in the Opposition said targeted the BJP leaders.
Mohan Bhagwat had on Monday said that a true 'sevak' does not have arrogance and serves the people by maintaining 'dignity'. Tthe RSS chief said that in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections "decorum was not maintained" during the campaigns.
Indresh Kumar without taking any names, attributed the BJP's failure to win a complete majority on its own in the Lok Sabha elections to its "arrogance". "Those who did the bhakti of Lord Ram gradually became arrogant. That party was declared the biggest party but was stopped at 241 by Lord Ram due to arrogance," Indresh Kumar said.
However, later he said that Lok Sabha polls showed that those who opposed Lord Ram had been defeated while those who had set the goal of restoring Lord Ram's glory are in power now.
Reacting to Kumar's remarks, Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra Assembly, Vijay Wadettiwar said that India knows who is arrogant.
"Indresh Kumar said what came into his heart. He may have been under pressure, so he retracted his statement. But India knows who is arrogant, used the language of arrogance, talked about '400 Paar' and talked about bringing Lord Ram... Wherever Lord Ram laid his foot, the BJP lost there. It is a crushing defeat for them (BJP)," Wadettiwar told ANI.
Congress leader Udit Raj said, "Things were projected in such a way that Narendra Modi brought Ram. He (Indresh Kumar) has spoken in that sense. But later he might have thought that this government could collapse anytime and he doesn't want to be held responsible for it. RSS has many faces just like the BJP, and if not now, things will become clear later."

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