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"If Delhi does not get its water share by 21, I will...": AAP minister Atishi on water crisis in national capital

New Delhi: Amid a political tug-of-war over the water crisis in the national capital, Aam Aadmi Party Minister Atishi said on Wednesday that if Delhi does not get its rightful share of water by June 21, she will be forced to do a 'Satyagraha'.

"Today I have written a letter to the Prime Minister saying that 28 lakh people in Delhi are not getting water. I have requested that he should help provide water as soon as possible...If the people of Delhi do not get their rightful share of water by the 21st, then I will be forced to do a Satyagraha," Atishi said in a press conference.

"Due to the scorching heat, the water problem in Delhi has also increased. Today, Delhiites need more water. The total supply of water in Delhi is 1050 MGD, out of which 613 MGD water comes from Haryana but Haryana is not giving the full share of water to Delhi," she alleged further.

The Delhi Minister also mentioned that due to the shortage of water released from the Haryana side, 28 lakh people are getting less water in Delhi.

"Haryana gave only 513 MGD of water to Delhi yesterday. Due to this, Delhi is short of 100 MGD of water today. Due to this, about 28 lakh people are getting less water. The people of Delhi are troubled. We have made all efforts to solve this problem. We have spoken to the Chief Minister of Haryana, but the BJP government of Haryana is not giving Delhi its share of water," Atishi said.

Earlier on June 18, to address the severe water shortage in the national capital, a high-level delegation of officials from the Delhi Government was convened with the Principal Secretary (Water Resources) of the Haryana Government. The Delhi Government solicited additional release of water to Delhi from the Haryana government.

This meeting took place in Chandigarh on Tuesday.

BJP is holding protests in different areas of the National Capital against the water crisis for three days.

Delhi BJP chief Virendra Sachdeva and former MP Ramesh Bidhuri were seen leading the protest against the Aam Aadmi Party over the shortage of water. 

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