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BJP leaders Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Nadda, Jaishankar others recall "dark chapter" in Indian democracy

New Delhi: BJP president and Union Minister JP Nadda along with fellow party colleagues and Union Ministers Rajnath Singh, S Jaishankar, Nirmala Sitharaman among others on Tuesday took to social media to share their thoughts on the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the Emergency in the country.
The BJP said it will launch a nationwide programme to mark the 21-month state of Emergency imposed on June 25, 1975, by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
PM Narendra Modi on Monday termed the day as a "dark chapter" or "dark spot" in Indian democracy which can't be forgotten.
Lashing out at the Congress, Union Home Minister Amit Shah today tweeted that it has a history of "murdering democracy". "The Emergency imposed in 1975 is its biggest example."
The "arrogant autocratic" Congress, Shah said had suspended all rights of the citizens' for 21 months to stay in power. "They imposed censorship on the media, changed the Constitution and tied the hands of the court," he said. "I salute the struggle of countless satyagrahis, social workers, workers, farmers, youth and women who protested from Parliament to the streets against the Emergency," the Union Minister said.
Rajnath Singh Singh wrote, "Exactly 49 years ago, the then Congress government imposed an Emergency in India. Emergency is a dark chapter in the history of our country's democracy which cannot be forgotten even if one wants to. The way the misuse of power and the open game of dictatorship was played during that time raises a big question mark on the commitment of many political parties towards democracy."
"If democracy is still alive in this country today, the credit goes to those people who struggled to restore democracy, went to jail and had to undergo so much physical and mental torture. The coming generations of India will remember their struggle and their contribution in protecting democracy."
Jaishankar took to social media platform X to write, "On the anniversary of the declaration of Emergency, recall the dark period for Indian democracy and the courage shown by those who resisted that challenge. The collective response of the nation defined our generation. It will remain a constant reminder of the need to keep working to protect, preserve and fight for our democracy."
Party president JP Nadda in his post shared how the emergency shook the very pillars of the country's democracy and suppressed voices raised for safeguarding constitutional values.
"June 25, 1975- this is the day the Congress Party's politically driven decision to impose a state of emergency shook the very pillars of our democracy and tried to trample over the Constitution given by Dr. Ambedkar. During this period, those who today claim to be guardians of Indian democracy left no effort to suppress voices raised in defence of constitutional values."
"Today, we reflect on the sacrifices made by our great heroes who bravely stood as preservers of democracy during the #DarkDaysOfEmergency. I am proud that our Party belongs to that tradition which resisted the Emergency tooth and nail and worked to protect democracy," he added.
Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari wrote on X that he honours those "who opposed the dictatorial Emergency and re-established democracy."
Union Finance Minister cited a newspaper article to state, "Opposition leaders JP, L K Advani, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Morarji Desai and...activists were put behind bars...period was...known for excesses such as forced mass sterilisation, censorship of the press, suspension of constitutional rights...."
Yesterday, while addressing mediapersons outside the new Parliament building, PM Modi stated "Tomorrow is 25 June. 50 years ago on this day, a black spot was put on the Constitution. We will try to ensure that such a stain never comes to the country."
PM Modi said that the new generation of India will never forget the day when the Constitution of India was completely rejected by suppressing democracy and the country was turned into a prison.
He exhorted citizens to take the resolution to protect the democracy and democratic traditions of India so that such an event never arises again. The Prime Minister said, "We will take the resolution of a vibrant democracy and fulfill the dreams of the common people according to the Constitution of India."

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