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Akshay Kharodia brings his role of prince charming to life by losing six kgs for COLORS' 'Suhaagan'

With an exciting 20-year leap, COLORS' ‘Suhaagan’ introduced a wave of emotions and fresh plotlines as the fight for suhaag took a riveting turn. The new narrative now delves into the lives of Swara, Vedaant, and Dhwani, who are intertwined in a love triangle. At the heart of this new chapter is Vedaant, a pivotal character portrayed by the talented Akshay Kharodia. Envisioned as the quintessential Prince Charming —young, handsome, and boasting an impressive physique — Vedaant's role demanded a transformative journey from the actor. To meet the physical demands of this character, Akshay embarked on a rigorous fitness journey, shedding an impressive six kilograms to achieve the ideal look. 

Talking about his physical transformation Akshay Kharodia says, “Joining an already successful and beloved show brings with it a great sense of responsibility and commitment. To convincingly portray Vedaant, a young character brimming with energy and charisma, I needed to embody a youthful and vibrant persona. To fit this role perfectly, I hit the gym with renewed vigour and started a disciplined weight loss journey by adapting a clean and healthy diet and carefully balancing my meals with lean proteins, fiber-rich vegetables, and nourishing superfoods. Complementing my dietary changes, I crafted a challenging yet sustainable exercise regimen, combining strength training and cardiovascular workouts to burn the calories and sculpt my physique.I sincerely hope the audience will embrace me in my new avatar on Suhaagan.”

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