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PoJK: Pensioners hold protest demanding pension hike amid soaring inflation

Muzaffarabad: Scores of former government employees and pensioners in Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir held a sit-in protest recently to demand a raise in their pensions from the Pakistan government.
The protesters stated that it has become difficult to manage household expenses amid soaring inflation, but Islamabad has remained apathetic towards their plight. They said they have held several demonstrations over the past year. However, an official has come forward to even hear their pleas.
"It is a fact that the Prime Minister of PoJK cannot make any announcements on his own. This has to be done by the government of Pakistan and for this the budget is fixed. I would urge the pensioners' association members to approach the ministers and demand the release of the pension funds", said a protester Raja Muhammad Mumtaz.
The protesters also demanded the implementation of a law that in case a pensioner passes away, his pension should be transferred to his widow or daughter, who is a widow. They decried the bureaucratic blockade has led to a delay in addressing their demands.
Another protester asked, When we ask the officials to address our concerns, they turn their faces away, that nobody should come to them and that they won't say anything. This is our condition that we are forced to sit on roads. We are old. People passing by are watching us. But our rulers are not concerned to even hear us out. If our concerns are not fair, they should be resolved. If not, then we should be told what is fair?"
The protesters blamed that instead of providing any aid to the people in the backward region, economic losses faced by Pakistan due to policy paralysis are also being compensated from territories under its illegal control.

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