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Heavy rain, lightning, hail storms reported in Kuwait

Kuwait City: Heavy rains accompanied by lightning, thunderstorms and hail storms lashed Kuwait cities that led to a sharp drop in temperatures in the Gulf nation.
Pedestrian and transport movement was also hampered due to waterlogging due to the sudden change in weather on Tuesday, reported Khaleej Times. Photos and videos of hail-covered roads in the Gulf nation flooded social media.
Kuwait's weather department predicted heavy but scattered rains accompanied by thunder across the country and hail in some areas. The department warned that the wind speed will exceed 55 km/h, resulting in a drop in visibility over some areas.
Amidst heavy rains, authorities announced the closure of many key roads. The following roads were closed as announced by the Ministry of Interior on Tuesday.
"The Ministry of Interior on Tuesday urged motorists and sea-goers to be cautious amid the current turbulent weather across the country. In a press release, the ministry urged drivers to follow security authorities' guidelines for using alternative routes and avoiding roads swamped with puddles, calling on motorists to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front," according to The Khaleej Times report.
The report said: "Authorities also reminded parents to keep children in the back seat and urged residents to reach out for help on the phone number: 112. Sea-goers in distress can contact the Coast Guards on 1880888 to get aid."
Member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, Bader Al-Amira, announced that "temperatures are expected to reach below zero in the second half of January when the northwest winds begin to blow in the direction of the Arabian peninsula," reports Al-Rai daily. (ANI)

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