Tuesday, March, 28,2023

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Rajgarh: During his visit to Rajgarh on Monday, CM Ashok Gehlot reiterated that he is a disciplined soldier of the Congress party and what ever the party will decide for him, he will carry out that role. Speaking exclusively to First India, Gehlot claimed that in his political career spanning decades, he has never lobbied to get any post. When questioned about the possible elevation of Gehlot to the post of Congress President, the senior leader said, “See, from the time I have been active in politics, I am such a person who as a disciplined soldier of the party, have always worked for the party as a soldier whether or not I get any post. I have never demanded any post or lobbied for anything ever. I am proud of the fact that without ever lobbying, I have been a central minister, PCC President, AICC General Secretary and three time CM.

If someone becomes anything in the party, without lobbying, then I believe that is the best aspect. No one can say that I have ever lobbied. So I am lucky that the high command and party trusted me so much and hence it is my responsibility that if party gives me any responsibility, I will carry it out, whether the said responsibility is in Delhi, Rajasthan or Kerala.” Gehlot further stressed that he hopes that in the current ‘times of difficulty’, when fascists have come to power, “at such a time when there is terror across nation and people are troubled. This is a fascists government and people need to be alert and aware of it. So we should think to ourselves and create a situation to empower Congress further so it carries out its role of main opposition party and that the people like it too,” he said.

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