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Performance of 69 Cong MLAs in LS polls being examined

Jaipur: The recently concluded elections have brought forth an array of results, especially concerning the performance of Congress legislators across various constituencies. With 69 Congress legislators under scrutiny, their report cards are being meticulously examined. In a surprising turn, 23 constituencies previously held by Congress have now shifted allegiance, with BJP taking the lead. Notably, in the Sardarpura constituency of Jodhpur, Congress witnessed a setback, trailing behind its competitors.

In Sardarpura, Gajendra Singh secured a lead of 16,000 votes, indicating a significant shift in the political landscape. Additionally, Lalit Yadav, Congress candidate from Alwar, faced a lag within his constituency. Key areas including constituencies of Ashok Chandana, Shravan Kumar, Rohit Bohra, Ratan Devasi, Vikas Chaudhary, Shikha Meel, Mukesh Bhakar, Gavadiya, Bamaniya, and Khairiya saw Congress trailing behind its opponents. However, amidst these setbacks, Congress still holds its ground with 46 legislators successfully securing a lead for their respective candidates.

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