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People want change in Rajasthan, have made up their mind to bless BJP: Nadda

Ajmer/Kota: BJP National President JP Nadda held a separate meeting with the leaders of Hadoti division in Kota on Wednesday. During the meeting, JP Nadda discussed about Assembly polls and organization and gave the mantra of victory to party officials. He held a meeting with officials of Kota-Bundi Lok Sabha constituency at hotel DCM.

Nadda held a presser in Kota and said, “I got opportunity to come to the land of education. I can see enthusiasm among the workers. The public also wants change in Rajasthan. People have made up their mind to bless BJP.”

Nadda targeted Congress and said, “Crime is continuously increasing in Rajasthan.” He also taunt on govt regarding women crime, paper leak and corruption claiming that govt has failed to find solution to farmers’ problems’. “50 lakh youth were affected by 17 paper leaks. It has been decided to overthrow the government that cheated youth and unemployed,” he said.

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