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WANotifier: The True All-in-One WhatsApp Marketing Tool

New Delhi:The challenges that businesses face in WhatsApp marketing have been immense traditionally. These include no or limited access to official APIs, a high risk of being banned for using unauthorized software, and the high cost of other marketing tools. All these have made it impossible for businesses to exploit the potential customers reached by WhatsApp users due to their large user base.

WANotifier is introducing itself as an attempt to provide a solution to all these problems so that small and medium businesses can have a proper way of doing WhatsApp marketing. The messages are sent through WhatsApp phone numbers with WANotifier, which uses Cloud API for WhatsApp— making sure that messages are sent securely and according to the terms of service provided by WhatsApp itself. With this action, there is no need for unauthorized software tools, providing peace of mind to the business owner and minimizing the risk associated with account suspension.

WANotifier is a WhatsApp marketing software tool that was created to allow any business entity— regardless of size— easy access to WhatsApp marketing. In this capacity, it stands as the very first free tool in the world which uses WhatsApp's Cloud API and enables businesses to send messages to phone numbers on WhatsApp officially and securely. Businesses can now stay away from hacking methods for sending messages or stay clear of using unauthorized software tools due to the risk of suspension. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Bulk Marketing Messages: Send bulk WhatsApp message notifications to thousands of phone numbers at once using pre-approved message templates, with the option to either send immediately or schedule for later.
  • Transactional WhatsApp Notifications: Automate transactional notifications that are launched because of specific user activities. For instance, new orders on your website or form submissions can be done without any difficulty. These notices make sure that you keep up timely communication with your clients.
  • Easy Message Templates Management: Design and keep control over the message templates straight through the WANotifier dashboard. The templates can be sent to WhatsApp after approval by contacts and submission; hence, there is no need for any additional approvals or steps from the side of WhatsApp.
  • Simplified Contacts Management: Simply import contacts in bulk via CSV files or seamlessly integrate through API connection on your website or other external applications. The Contacts function presents an uncomplicated interface, allowing you to efficiently oversee and structure your contact list.
  • Detailed Delivery Report & Analytics: Be informed about the performance of message deliveries, details from template analytics, statistics on API usage costs, even down to the fine points regarding click-through rates, and more. These detailed insights provided by reports and analytics help businesses gauge how successful their efforts are in WhatsApp marketing campaigns.
  • Mobile Apps for Inbox: The WANotifier's Android and iOS mobile apps will help you always stay in touch with your customers through the inbox.
  • Full API Integration: For direct connection to your website or any other third-party applications, use full API integration, including custom API or Zapier and Pabbly automation tools, so that businesses can add contacts or send WhatsApp notifications directly from their systems.

Cost-effective and Risk-Free

Although WANotifier is totally free, companies must pay the applicable WhatsApp API fees based on their usage. This strategy gives businesses of all sizes peace of mind by guaranteeing affordability and reducing the possibility of account suspension.

A Better WhatsApp Marketing Future

The goal at WANotifier is to deliver businesses a product that is both superior to that of their competitors and exceptionally valuable. WANotifier is paving the way for a brighter future where small and medium-sized businesses can utilize the potential of this potent communication channel to reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently by democratizing WhatsApp marketing and making it available to everyone. 

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