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Gujarati film "Bharat Maro Desh Che" based on the story of nomadic tribes received 6 awards at Gujarat State Awards 2021

Ahmedabad (Gujarat): Gujarati film "Bharat Maro Desh Che" based on the book "Sarnama Vagarna Manvio" written by noble activist Mittalben Patel has won 6 awards at "Gujarat State Awards 2021" organized by Gujarat Government recently. Mittalben has always been working for the nomadic tribes. People of this caste are wandering from one place to another; they don't even have proof that they are Indians. Mittalben has presented the pains and stories of the people of this caste in her book and the whole thing has been beautifully portrayed in the movie "Bharat Maro Desh Che" made under the banner of Kavach-Kundal Media Productions. The film is based on Mittalben Patel's book who works for the nomadic tribes.

Young producer Krishna Shah has done the great job of bringing this beautiful subject matter to people. Krishna Shah's father Sanjay Shah "Jackie" have also done a lot of work to do justice to this film. Writer and director of this film is Bhavin Trivedi. Talented actors like Hitu Kanodia, Denisha Ghumra, Kausumbi Bhatt, Manisha Trivedi, Prashant Barot, Raju Barot have beautifully performed in this film. Each and every actor of the film has done great justice to their character. It is worth mentioning that the film was made during the lock down and will soon be released on the OTT platform.

The film won the Best Film on Women Empowerment at the Gujarat State Awards 2021 organized by the Government of Gujarat. For this, the Best Film Producer Award went to Krishna Shah and Director Bhavin Trivedi received 2 awards for the Best Director and Best Director for Women Empowerment. Denisha Ghumra, who played the lead role in the film, also received an award from the state government for best actress in a film about women empowerment and Manisha Trivedi won the award of supporting actress. Also, the award of the best dress designer was given to costume designer Pauravi Joshi.

Krishna Shah, Producer of the film said, "A good film is never possible without a good team. Each and every actor & crew member is important for the film. We have presented the life of the nomadic tribes in our film very beautifully. Bharat Maro Desh Che' is a film very close to my heart. The story of nomadic tribes who live right in front of us and yet we fail to actually see them Every person living in this country has the right to citizenship."

The events and incidents experienced by Mittalben Patel have been presented in her book and these events have been dramatically sensitively presented in the film. In the Indian community, this is a community that has been seeking its Indian existence and has been struggling for many years. They are living helplessly in an illiterate and backward situation.

The majority people of this community live in Idar, Gujarat so the film was shot on live location at Idar, with the help of local MLA and lead actor of the film, Hitubhai Kanodia.

This is the film which gives message to help nomadic tribes that they can stand dignity in the society.

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