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Why is our age such a hectic one? It is far away from the utopia of tranquillity with plenty of time that digital globalization was supposed to bring. Rather than simplifying life, technology has contributed towards making it more hectic. We have created artificial reasons to be in a hurry. We seem to be digging ourselves into our own high-pressure graves.

The realization that life is short causes many people to rush through it, trying to crowd as much action into it as possible. People seemingly hurry to reach their goals for fear that something or someone will prevent them from doing so.

Many adults are fidgety, have short attention span, and always rush off into something new. They find it difficult to enjoy the present moment because of their hurry to experience the future.

Some find their daily routine uninteresting, so they rush through these socalled necessary evils as fast as possible so as to have more free time for other activities. ‘Time is money’, few live by this principle and by the clock and rarely enjoy their hard work. Whatever the reason, one’s life is a hectic race. Where does it all lead to?

This hectic pace has resulted in many stress-related illnesses. Also, the truthfulness of the saying that ‘haste makes waste’ is seen in increasing traffic accidents due to excessive speed. It makes one wonder, why is everyone in such a hurry? Where is everyone going?

Fast cars, fast-food chains are the earmarks of an age of haste that makes ever increasing demands– Faster! Quicker! More efficient! This age of mass connection has increased social isolation as well as depression when it replaces warm personal contact. A smile and the affection that can be seen in a person’s eyes cannot generally be conveyed over the phone or through a message on a computer screen.

One may feel compelled to cram more and more work into one’s already hectic life. This can make one so engrossed in pursuing one’s own interests that there is no time to appreciate what one already has or to show appreciation for what others have done.

Do we feel we are too busy? Many say that they find it hard to meet the demands of both their work and their home life and they often feel rushed even in their leisure time. Constantly trying to do more than what time may allow, can make one a victim of ‘time pressure.’

Haste is caused by poor scheduling of time or having too many things on one’s schedule. Squeezing too many things into the limited hours leads to weariness.

One can gain more control over one’s life by doing some judicious pruning and keeping life simple and uncluttered. We can have a good look around and ask ourselves, ‘Is this thing really needed, or is it a clutter? Does it add to the quality of my life or does it steal valuable time?’

Simplifying life gives happiness. There is more time for oneself, family and friends. Only people can receive and give love, not gadgets and portfolios. Giving priority to such material things leads to dissatisfaction.

For a less hectic morning, it’s best to set aside five minutes each day to tidy up and make a plan before going to bed. Having some meaningful alone time is a necessary tonic in today’s rapid-fire world. Alone time is a fuel for life. It fills one’s personal resource bank and gives inner strength to handle difficult and emotionally charged situations. Being too occupied to meditate on important aspects of life and handling serious matters superficiously causes confusion.

The explosion of a variety of things has made time feel more crunched as one struggles to choose what to buy, watch or eat in the limited time one has available. Many feel a strong connection between their self-image and their pace of life. Busyness has acquired a social status. The busier one is, the more important one seems. On the other hand, having too much rest also increases time pressure.

Leading a balanced life is good for one’s mental and physical health. Those who set boundaries between their jobs and homes or take vacations find one consistent revelation that ‘there is no catastrophe or calamity while you are away.’ Establishing and maintaining routines requires self-discipline. Routines are a part of life that aid in accomplishing all things by arrangement. Our life is busy now, but it will probably get busier. Better one becomes organized sooner rather than later!


Rekha Kumar The writer is a work-life balance and leadership skills facilitator [email protected]

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