Thursday, June, 13,2024

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With bold colours, playful prints and experimental cuts, ladies of the tinsel town are doing pantsuits with a twist!

Androgynous and statement, pantsuits have become the face of power dressing for both men and women, a recent one for the latter though. With power shoulders, tailored silhouette and well-defined structure, women are leaning towards this ensemble for board rooms, dinners, cocktails, events and meetings alike. Of late, ladies of the Btown have picked up on this trend with labels of international repute like Ralph Lauren and Gucci and others, along with accessible brands among the likes of Z a r a a n d H&M. While some choose to experiment with unique colour palettes, others resort to slits and prints to break the monotony and rigidity of this classic. From Met Gala to the streets of NYC, airports to brand endorsement events, pantsuits have hallmarked a spot in celebrity wardrobes for diverse occasions. Be it Priyanka Chopra showing up at the Grammys in satin pyjamas inspired suit or Kangana Ranaut ready to fly to a destination unknown in T-shirt under blazer, pantsuits have all the votes of leading actresses. Courtesy social media and semi-luxurious brands, celebrity approved power suits have garnered topdrawer status for fashion enthusiasts like ourselves too. I trust Zara for co-ords in ferocious colours like scarlet and Mango for neutral pantsuits with pristine fits. A frontrunner for #VocalforLocal, I often have my blazers and f r o n t - s e a m lined pants tailor-made for an impeccable fit.

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