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World Designing Forum: Changing The Face Of Fashion Designing

There is a lot of illusory sparkle and glamour in the fashion design profession. From the inside, though, it's no different from any other field: there are large and small players, educators and researchers, and those just trying to break in. It is no small feat to unite them and form an organisation. Thus, it is an enormous accomplishment to establish an organisation where all of these groups unite and work together, and the World Design Forum (WDF) has accomplished just that.


Ankush Anami established the World Designing Forum in 2017. The World Designing Forum is one of a kind in India's fashion sector; it was born out of the need to provide a place where educators and designers could meet, network, share knowledge, and get recognition for their efforts.


Lucknow native Ankush Anami attended the highly esteemed National Institute of Fashion Technology. Ankush aspired to utilise his extensive network of designers and educators, as well as his years of experience in the field, to contribute to the improvement of both the industry and its members. Hence, the WDF came into being.


By combining his natural creative genius with his extensive industry expertise, strong managerial abilities, and extensive network, Ankush was able to establish a platform where established and aspiring designers could network and support one another. Ankush, who has long been an advocate for design education, frequently gives speeches at design events and promotes the field. Along with his work as a mentor, he helps a number of up-and-coming designers find their footing and realise their potential.


In addition to providing a forum for collaboration amongst those working in the fashion industry and related fields, the World Design Forum (WDF) encourages thought-provoking debates on topics such as healthcare, global development, sustainability, social change, and the role of design in making the world a better place. The forum also stresses the need of teamwork and inclusivity in the design process.


The workshops organised by the WDF are the truest representation of this methodology. Everyone from novices to seasoned pros can participate in these online workshops. Notable figures in the fashion industry, including designers, models, educators, and more, host the sessions. Participants leave these sessions with certifications, a wealth of new information, and a fresh outlook on their profession.


But the National Designing Awards are the forum's crown jewel. Everyone in the business comes together at these awards to honour the top designers, the most memorable designs, and the tireless work that goes into making the industry a success year after year. The event also serves as a venue for peer-to-peer networking and the promotion of new ideas.


In a way no other institution has been able to accomplish, The World Designing Forum is revolutionising the fashion design industry. In an effort to make the world a better place via design, the World Designing Forum is actively changing the industry's current while also paying homage to its rich history.

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