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With new districts, more RTO offices needed to ease pressure

Jaipur: After the formation of new districts in the state, now the expectation of formation of new RTO offices has also increased so that people do not have to travel long distance.

There are only 13 RTO offices operating in the state, which are very less according to the population and according to the distance.

Now the situation is so bad that people have to travel about 300 kilometers to go to the RTO headquarters to get the work related to the transport department done which is causing economic loss to the people, and also wastes a lot of time.

The Transport and Road Safety Department has the responsibility of reducing the pressure of vehicles on the roads, but the less number of RTO offices and long distance travel, the transport department itself is increasing the pressure.

In such a situation, if the government wants, all the DTO offices can also be upgraded to RTO offices.

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