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Will Ravindra be ‘Kamyaab’ in his innovative ‘Kamyaab Kota’ drive?

Jaipur: Since there are different geographical, societal, and local challenges in a state as vast and varied as Rajasthan, the responsibilities and priorities of district collectors also vary according to these challenges and circumstances. While some collectors focus on opium and illegal business, others focus on canal water, liquor mafia, issues related to tribal populace, etc. But the Kota district is perhaps one of its kind whose problems are unique not just in Rajasthan, but across the nation!

This problem pertains to the anthropogenic issue wherein some students who converge here for preparing for competitive exams, either run away or commit suicide.

Kota is renowned across the nation as a ‘coaching hub’ and there are around 300 coaching institutes in the city which cater to approximately 3 lakh students. Additionally, there are about 5,000 hostels and PGs that provide residential services to these students.

But the problem is, for reasons unknown, some students either run away or choose to end their lives. In 2023, 24 students ended their lives and in the first four months of the current year, 8 students have died by suicide while 13 have run off and many of these 13 are still untraceable.

The state government is extremely serious about this problem and efforts are being made to solve it too. Therefore, this is a unique responsibility on Kota Collector Ravindra Goswami, who has left his predecessors behind in taking an innovative approach to handling this situation and has made it a priority for himself.

2016 batch IAS and MBBS doctors, Ravindra himself is a former Kota coaching student and hence he has a special interest in this matter. He has taken various unique initiatives like the ‘Kamyaab Kota’ campaign under which every Friday a ‘dinner with collector’ programme is held. So far, Ravindra has personally held direct communication and counselling of 15,000 students!

Furthermore, letters have been written to parents of all 3 lakh students to engage them directly. Additionally, special training has been imparted to more than 8,000 hostel wardens, gatekeepers and PG servants so that they can observe and identify if any child is under undue stress etc.

Moreover, Ravindra has also ensured that ‘anti-hanging devices’ are installed in 100 per cent of the hostels. The hostels, which have not followed through, about 5 such hostels, have been sealed under section 133 of the CrPC.

About 15 senior RAS have been made nodal officers and given the responsibility of connecting with students.

Goswami is working on developing such a communication system through which all 3 lakh students can be directly contacted.

Sources claim that Ravindra Goswami is the first collector, who has taken up this problem with utmost seriousness and sincerity and has taken steps as well.

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