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A year in the divine realm: Ram Yashwardhan reflects on his transformative journey as he portrays Lord Shiva in COLORS 'Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav'

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav’ continues to enthral audiences with the universe's first love story between Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati. Tracing the mesmerizing saga of Shiv and Shakti, the show now completes a year, capturing the tap, tyag and tandav of the revered deities. As the show commemorates its first revolution around the sun, viewers will be treated to a week-long one hour special with compelling and dramatic narratives.
In the upcoming episodes, Parashuram arrives at Kailash and encounters Ganesha blocking his path. Enraged, he strikes Ganesha with his axe, cutting off one of his tusks. Ganesha does not retaliate out of respect for his father, Mahadev, who had given the axe to Parashuram. Impressed by Ganesha's adherence to dharma, Parashuram praises him and proclaims Kailash as the richest place, not in material wealth but in values and respect. Hearing this, Kuber, the god of wealth, feels challenged and vows to prove that his own abode surpasses Kailash in wealth. Thus, Kuber invites Mahadev to his kingdom, only for Mahadev to send Lord Ganesha in his place. In an amusing twist, Ganesha's legendary appetite leads him to devour everything, causing Kuber to seek Mahadev's assistance. It is then that Mahadev establishes the tradition of offering rice to Ganesha, satisfying his hunger and setting a precedent for generations to come.

Throughout its remarkable run, 'Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav' has taken audiences on a celestial journey, unveiling events that are integral to the divine narrative of Shiva and Parvati. The divine couple’s tryst signifies the eternal dance of masculine and feminine energies, destruction and creation, asceticism and worldly love. Emerging as a powerful force within the divine Trimurti, Lord Shiv’s cosmic tandav set the universe in motion. His union with Sati, Daksh's daughter and Shakti's first incarnation, marked the beginning of a love that would transcend lifetimes. Yet tragedy struck when Sati, was unable to bear her father's insults to her husband, immolated herself, plunging the grief-stricken Shiv into intense meditation. Right then, he protected three worlds by drinking the world-threatening poison halahal during the churning of the cosmic ocean (samudra manthan). The wheel of time turned, and Shakti reincarnated as Parvati. Her devotion and rigorous penance softened Shiv's heart, leading to their divine remarriage.
The show illustrated the momentous occasion when Shiva and Parvati revealed their Ardhnareshwar avatar, a powerful representation of the union of their cosmic energies. Their marriage led to the miraculous births of their children, the valiant Kartikeya, the radiant Ashok Sundari, and the vignaharta Ganesha. The show has also depicted the epic battle against the dreaded demon Tarkasur and the awe-inspiring resurrection of Lord Ganesh. The tale of Shiv and Parvati is rich with symbolism and profound teachings, continuing to inspire devotees through the corridors of time.

Talking about the accomplishment of the show Ram Yashvardhan says, “I am overwhelmed as we celebrate the achievement of 'Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav' completing a year. Essaying the revered Lord Shiva has been a truly transformative and devotional experience for me. This show not only grips the viewers with larger-than-life tales, but also depicts the timeless values of compassion, sacrifice, and the pursuit of truth. As we embark on the next chapter of this epic journey, I feel a sense of purpose and determination to honour our roots by continuing to captivate the audiences with the eternal magic of our mythology.”

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