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Raje felicitated for Women’s Bill

Jaipur: Former CM Vasundhara Raje expressed gratitude to PM Narendra Modi for the Nari Shakti Vandan Act. She said that PM Modi has made it clear through the Women’s Reservation Bill that the imagination of new construction of any nation is incomplete without the participation of ‘Matrashakti’.

On Saturday, Raje got ‘Raksha Sutra’ tied at her residence by women who had come from all over the state. “Seeing the enthusiasm of the women present here, it is certain that this flow of women power will sweep away the anti-women Congress govt of Rajasthan. Raksha Sutra is a raw thread, but it is strong and unbreakable. It is a protective shield for me. It has the power of all the women of Rajasthan which will give me the courage to overcome every difficulty. It will continue to inspire me to serve the people of the state. It is said that in Mahabharata, when Krishna’s finger was cut, Draupadi tore her saree and tied it on Krishna’s finger. Krishna also protected her from the Kauravas. I will also serve you with the inspiration of Krishna and will keep fighting for the rights of every Rajasthani,” Raje said.

She said this thread should be tied only by one who follows the religion of this thread, like Lord Krishna. “The garden of society will look beautiful only when all varieties of flowers bloom in it with equal enthusiasm. Now let us together create a Rajasthan where our daughters can live their childhood without fear, our sisters can fulfill their dreams without any hindrance and our mothers can walk with their heads held high with respect,” she said.

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