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Raj Assembly polls: AICC forms Committees

Jaipur: Pro-Pilot Minister Murarilal Meena has been made Publicity and Publication Committee Chairman and Pramod Jain Bhaya as Protocol Panel Chairman.

Efforts have been made to maintain political balance in the election committees. By making Govind Meghwal the campaign committee president, the Congress has tried to give a message to the Dalit voters. Apart from Meghwal, the campaign panel president Mamta Bhupesh also belongs to Dalit community. In poll committees, one chairman each from Dalit, upper caste, Jat, Vaish, Brahmin, OBC class has been appointed.

Vaibhav Gehlot, RCA president and son of CM Gehlot has been made the Chairman of Campaign Committee. CM’s advisor and former Chief Secretary Niranjan Arya has been made a member of the Congress’s election manifesto committee.

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