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Jaipur: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s current visit to Rajasthan is nothing short of amazing. Vadra first fulfilled her ‘dynastic political dharma’ by addressing an election rally in Sikrai assembly constituency of Dausa district on Friday and then turned to the forests of Ranthambore, where she will stay for two days and fulfill her personal hobby of jungle safari. After the announcement of assembly elections, when the temperature of politics is at its peak, Priyanka taking out time for jungle safari is being seen as a big surprise politically.

It is said that politics has its own customs and the jungle has its own laws & neither are broken. If they are broken then there is a possibility of loss. Whether Congress will suffer loss or not, its results will come later, but Priyanka’s visit to Ranthambore immediately after the public meeting, has definitely given BJP an opportunity to raise questions. Experts believe that from this meeting of Priyanka’s ERCP Jan Jagran Yatra, Congress had great hopes of creating an atmosphere in its favor and getting benefits in assembly polls in five districts including Dausa. But the forest tour has disrupted Congress’s fortunes.

This can also be understood because politics is generally considered a ‘full time’ job. Politicians who are considered veterans, are said to have politics on their mind 24 hours a day. Amidst this high voltage stage of politics, when voters see party’s top leader going on a jungle safari, questions will definitely arise in their minds about their seriousness about politics.

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