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Miss Teen Diva 2022: Trishna Ray crowned as Miss Teen Universe India 2023

Jaipur: Glamanand's Teen pageant - Miss Teen Diva held its Finale on the night of 13th April in Jaipur’s Zee Studios, crowning four gorgeous young ladies at the end of the event. These four ladies took home the titles of Miss Teen Grand India, Miss Teen World India, Miss Teen Universe India and Miss Teen International India.

The title of Miss Teen Universe India was snatched by the 18-year-old Trishna Ray. Hailing from the land of Indian architecture and art - Odisha, she was brought up amidst a mixture of cultures and traditions that helped her become more centred and closer to her country's culture. She believes it also helped her become humbler and more respectful. Coming from an East Indian state, Trishna has an inclination towards sweets. In her words - she loves and lives for sweets. However, while preparing for the Miss Teen Diva pageant, she followed a very strict diet, meaning she didn't touch any sweets for the last two months! Talk about dedication.

Around 16 days before the finale of Miss Teen Diva, Trishna met with an accident, injuring her leg. The doctors asked her to be on bed rest for at least a week, but she refused to give up her preparation for the pageant. She strongly believes in hardwork. In her words - Handwork never goes to waste it just paves way towards your success. This is the reason why she never fails to get up after falling down, which is why not even her accident could stop her from working hard. Her journey has been all about hardwork, dedication, discipline and perseverance. She gives the credit for this to her parents, whom she regards as her backbone and heart. She claims that her parents have been with her through thick and thins and have been extremely supportive of her dreams and journey.

Belonging to an army background, Trishna's lifestyle is that of discipline and love for her country. As an army kid, the mentality of "leaving no soldiers behind" is instilled in her, making her a great team player and leader. She helpful towards everyone in need and never makes anyone feel left out. Being a team player is also one of the most important qualities of sportsmanship. It's no surprise that Trishna is also very passionate about sports. She plays a variety of sports but her greatest achievements are playing volleyball at district levels and badminton at zonals.

Despite having injuries, Trishna won not one but four subtitles in this year's competition, namely -

  1. Best in Rampwalk

  2. Beauty With Brains

  3. Best in Speech

  4. Miss Teen India East

It is commendable how with an injured leg, she managed to bag the Miss Rampwalk title.

Given her remarkable performance, she made it into the final round where she was asked - "What qualities in you make you worthy of representing India internationally?" as her final Question.

Her response to this was -

"I have been brought up in an army background that has raised me to believe that to make our nation proud should be our first priority. Seeing my father working and making his nation proud has inspired me and I want to do the same in whichever way I can possibly. Hence, I have the confidence, determination, the ambition to make my country proud which makes me a good candidate to represent my country internationally”.

The answer won her the title of Miss Teen Universe India. A well-deserved victory for the young army queen. Congratulations!!

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