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Miss Teen Diva 2022: Sejal Gupta crowned as Miss Teen International India

Jaipur: On the night of 13th April, Glamanand group concluded their teen pageant - Miss Teen Diva, crowning new queens with the titles of - Miss Teen Grand India, Miss Teen World India, Miss Teen Universe India and Miss Teen International India.

The most coveted crown of Miss Teen International India went to the beauty from Chandigarh - Sejal Gupta. Sejal had been dreaming of entering the industry since she was just five. She dreams of becoming a global icon, a role model for the younger generations, and draws inspiration from global queens like Priyanka Chopra and Gigi Hadid. With the support of her parents, and her extreme dedication towards fulfilling her goal, she has now bagged the rights to represent India at the international platform of Miss Teen International. Before entering pageants, Sejal has also been a part of the television and advertisement industries. She has worked with brands like Cadbury Bournvita for their ad campaign - Mann Ki Tayyari that was dedicated towards paying special attention towards your kids and their mental health. Speaking of health, her advocacy for the pageant revolved around spreading awareness about the importance of Mental and Physical health in people.

Sejal loves food and calls herself a foodie. She is also a fitness enthusiast and claims that her two contradictory interests strike a perfect balance between indulgence and discipline. Growing up, Sejal was instilled with the values of success and independence by her parents. She was also occasionally bullied for her hard work and her financial independence by her compeers but she continued to strive towards her goals regardless.

Sejal believes that she has a convivial personality, that helps her to interact and socialize with people. She also claims to be a very helpful and trustworthy person as well. Apart from this, Sejal believes that what really got her closer to the crown was her unwavering focus and sheer will to work hard for the victory. She believes that the values of discipline and passion towards her goal helped her strive towards her dreams.

Sejal Gupta also won the title for "Best In Talent" before making it into the final QnA round where she was asked the common question - What qualities in you make you worthy of representing India at an international level?

Her answer to this was

" I believe the qualities that make me worthy to represent India internationally is that I am capable of handling all the responsibilities and duties of the society, my country and the world. I believe being the youngest on this platform I still have the courage to represent MY INDIA, espouse the importance of physical and mental health and also to become a role model to the young generation out there and make them believe that YES, they can DO IT, no matter what age they are of. Thank you !!"

A great answer that won the title for her. Congratulations to our new queen.

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