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Miss Teen Diva 2022: Karemma Khan crowned Miss Teen World India 2023

Jaipur: India's biggest teen pageant - Glamanand's Miss Teen Diva concluded its Finale on the night of 13th April in Zee Studios, Jaipur. Total 35 finalists competed for the ultimate four titles of - Miss Teen Grand India, Miss Teen World India, Miss Teen Universe India and Miss Teen International India.

One of the four gorgeous ladies crowned that night was our Miss Teen World India 2023 - Karemma Khan. Hailing from the city of dreams Mumbai, Karemma believes she's an amalgamation of influences from Oman and Dubai. Belonging to a conservative Muslim family, Karemma's journey to the crown was full of criticisms and backlash from her family. The biggest challenge she faced in her journey was her conservative background that tried to stop her from pursuing Pageantry and acting as a career. However, with her dedication and will to breakthrough the chains that held her, she managed to make it this far in the industry.

Karemma is very passionate about education of young girls. She believes "har chota badlaav ek badi kamiyabi ka hissa hota hai" meaning every small change is a part of a big success. Her advocacy - Project Shakti is directed as educating the girl child and making young girls belonging to marginalized communities realise their dreams through the path of education.

Apart from being a wise, inspirational young girl, Karemma is also a powerhouse of talent. This young queen performs aerial arts involving hoops and poles, and is also very passionate about kathak, painting and horse riding. Karemma started self-training herself for dance when she was just five years old. She used to watch performances on the TV and replicate those steps to learn the dance form.

Growing up, Karemma was bodyshamed heavily for her appearances. Weighing 60 kgs at the age of 13, Karemma was a very overweight child. The bullying and constant negative remarks on her body made her realise the importance of maintaining a healthy body. She then worked on losing weight and becoming physically fit. Karemma is also an animal lover and owns a pet cat and a bird. She usually spends her free time playing and cuddling with her pet friends.

Karemma dreamt of participating in Miss Teen Diva since its debut in 2018, however she could not participate because of her age and shy nature. She was manifesting her victory since then and working on her confidence and performance.

During her final QnA round, she was asked "What qualities in you make you worthy of representing India internationally?"

Her winning answer was -

"Thank you so much for the lovely question. A very good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I believe the qualities that make me the appropriate representative for India at teen pageantry would number 1 be, my ability to never stop learning. I know that this crown comes with a lot of responsibilities. But also, the potential to always be able to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Secondly, my ability to always have a positive mindset. To always look at every single situation with a silver lining.

And lastly, my power of manifestation. I have wanted this crown, worked hard towards it. Followed the 3 D’s, that is: determination, dedication and discipline. Which is why I am standing in front of all of you today.

And I believe these qualities make me the perfect candidate and representative for India.

Thank you so much."

The answer surely deserved one of the crowns, no doubt. Apart from winning the title of Miss Teen World India, she also bagged the title of "Best In Personal Interview" and the "Best Advocacy Video". Congratulations to our Miss Teen World India!!

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