Friday, June, 09,2023

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Jaipur: The 2016 batch IAS officer, Tina Dabi is one of those bureaucrats, who like to stay active on social media. In fact, Dabi has more than 16 lakh followers on Instagram. In April 2022, she married IAS Pradeep Gawande of Rajasthan cadre and had shared the pictures of their marriage on social media, which were carried by media from across the nation.

Tina Dabi is currently serving as Jaisalmer Collector and took over the charge last month. Now, she has again grabbed ‘eye-balls’ through her recent social media posts wherein,she has shared pictures of Jaisalmer in monsoon. She has written a caption too with the pictures which reads, “Who would believe that this is a desert? Jaisalmer in monsoon! This is how beautiful the various parts of the district are looking after receiving recordbreaking rainfall in the last month.” More than one lakh followers have seen these pictures and one user has candidly written, “Aap aaye, bahaar aayi. There has been immense rains, since the time you have joined.” Her social media post would help attract more tourists to the region & this gesture of hers’ has been an exemplary step as a Collector, as Tina has executed her responsibility of bringing more recognition to district.

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