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COLORS' 'Krishna Mohini': Debattama Saha overcomes her water phobia for a sequence in the show

A saaRthi or a guiding force is not just a light in the dark but a constant reminder that we're never alone in our journey, empowering us to conquer the unknown. Celebrating these saaRthi, COLORS is set to unveil its new show 'Krishna Mohini' that tells the tale of Krishna (played by Debattama Saha), who puts her brother Mohan’s (essayed by Ketaki Kulkarni) happiness above everything else. As the family drama has premiered,  the lead actor Debattama Saha has already embodied the essence of her character – a fierce and unrelenting 'saaRthi'. Debattama shares how for a pivotal scene she faced her fear of water head-on by plunging into a river, showcasing both her dedication to her craft and her determination.

Reflecting on her triumph, Debattama shared, “Krishna's character has different layers, and one of them is her fierce attitude. When the scene demanded me to jump into a river, I was initially hesitant due to my water phobia. However, the role required me to battle my fears, and with the help of a harness, I took the leap. The rush of adrenaline that followed was hard to put into words, and I felt an overwhelming sense of achievement. It felt very fulfilling to have the director and my co-actors commend my courage. This experience taught me the power of confronting fears and gave me the satisfaction that comes with pushing past limits to create something meaningful on screen.”

Watch 'Krishna Mohini' premiering on the 29th of April at 7:00 pm and thereafter every day only on COLORS!

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