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Government will set ‘new records of development’, says Governor Mishra

Jaipur: Governor Kalraj Mishra on Friday said the policy and intentions of the new government are very clear, adding it is committed to making Rajasthan a developed state. Addressing newly constituted 16th Rajasthan Assembly, he slammed previous Congress got over its “contradictions and ego battles”, claiming that it failed to live up to expectations of people. He said new govt will review hastily announced welfare schemes of previous regime — an observation challenged later by ex-CM Gehlot. “We are committed to create a developed Rajasthan with the resolve of Developed India 2047. We can implement efficient and smart good governance, moral value system, Gandhiji’s Ram Rajya and Suraj, rule of law, inclusive and sustainable development, accountability in administration, efficiency and transparency, good governance,” Mishra added.

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