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French tourists get a taste of Rajasthani hospitality

Jaipur: The French are known for their impeccable taste in architecture and food. Considered to be connoisseurs of good food, on Friday, French tourists tasted the delicious dishes at Jaipur Chaupati developed in Mansarovar by Rajasthan Housing Board and were mesmerized, having surprised their taste buds. Eight tourists from various French cities, who have been touring India, reached Jaipur on their two-day tour on Wednesday and on Thursday their tourist advisor advised them to visit Mansarovar Chaupati. On this, all these foreign tourists reached Chaupati and in accordance with the spirit of ‘Padharo Mhare Desh’, Deputy Commissioner of Rajasthan Housing Board Vijay Aggarwal, along with several other senior officials garlanded the tourists AT the Chaupati and showed them around. The officials of the Housing Board told the foreign tourists that as a street food hub, it is a unique concept of the Commissioner of Housing Board, Pawan Arora, under which people enjoy the main cuisines of the city at one place. The foreign guests enjoyed the taste of delicacies including chaat and chole-bhature. Tourists also enjoyed the performances of the live bands. They said that after the reduction of Covid infection, they have now set out on a tour. “Jaipur Chaupati is truly an experience to not be missed as a street food hub,” they said and also appreciated its grand construction and beautiful architecture.

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