Thursday, July, 25,2024

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Electric vehicles to replace ICE vehicles at Jaipur Int’l Airport

Jaipur: The Jaipur Airport Administration is making efforts towards environmental protection. One such move is replacing all diesel and petrol vehicles (ICE Vehicles). The airport admin has introduced 7 electric sports utility vehicles for operational purposes. Seven separate charging points have also been installed for these vehicles.
The airport admin has started the work of installation of EV charging stations on city side. Eliminating diesel and petrol vehicles will help in reducing the carbon footprint. This charging station will be made available for airport vehicles and also for general public. The Fast EV Charging Station is located on Traffic Island 4 near the airport exit. Two 60-kW CCS2 type gun chargers have been installed at this station, where two electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously. This charging station has the capacity to charge 38 vehicles in 24 hours.

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