Friday, July, 19,2024

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CM Sharma puts brakes on VVIP culture, embraces red light stoppage

Jaipur: Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma has taken a highly sensitive decision on Wednesday by opting to halt his convoy at traffic lights, aiming to alleviate the inconvenience faced by the public during his travels.

During a recent journey from airport to OTS on Wednesday night, CM Sharma travelled in a car like an ordinary citizen. Notably, the convoy halted at red lights, allowing people to spot the CM amidst the crowd, with some even capturing videos and photos from their vehicles. Recognizing the plight of the common people and the time wasted due to traffic stoppages caused by his convoy, CM conveyed his concerns to DGP UR Sahoo. Consequently, DGP instructed Jaipur Police Commissioner to act in accordance with CM’s directive. This isn’t the 1st instance of CM prioritizing public welfare over protocol. He had previously halted his convoy to allow an ambulance to pass through, a move aimed at providing relief to seriously ill patients stuck in jams.

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