Wednesday, September, 27,2023

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BJP to launch statewide stir

Jaipur: The State BJP will organise protests and demonstrations in all the districts against various issues including paper leak, law and order, women safety in coming days.

BJP State president CP Joshi said that the party will create a movement against the “anti-people policies” of the Congress government among the people.

The issues and strategy to corner the Ashok Gehlot government were discussed in the meeting of the party office bearers held at the party’s state headquarters here on Sunday.

It was the first meeting after Chittorgarh MP CP Joshi took over the post of the state president, replacing Satish Poonia.

“The Congress party has always done the politics of division. It was Congress rule when the massacre of Sikhs took place in 1984. Terrorists also got patronage and protection during the Congress government rule,” Joshi said in the meeting.

He said that in peaceloving Rajasthan, the government is giving protection to the people who have been spoiling harmony in the last four and a half years.

Joshi also accused the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot of doing the politics of appeasement.
"The people of Rajasthan will give an answer to the Congress government in the 2023 assembly elections. BJP will get a huge mandate,” he said.

Sources said that the party high command wants to hand over some important responsibilities to Satish Poonia (58) before the Assembly elections, so that the right message can be given to the public. In the coming days, he can also be entrusted with important responsibility in the Election Committee.

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