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Israeli military destroys 100 rocket launchers in Gaza

Tel Aviv: The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) is continuing its assault on Hamas terrorist bases in Gaza.

In the past day, the IDF destroyed about 100 rocket launch facilities and killed a number of terrorists.
The rocket facilities were found by fighters of the IDF's 401st Armoured Brigade's Combat Team in the Beit Lahia area of Gaza.
Of these, about 60 rockets are ready for launch at civilian targets in Israel.

The fighters also eliminated dozens of terrorists during the fighting.

In North Shati, fighters of the IDF's reserve 5th Infantry Brigade directed a combat helicopter in the elimination of nine terrorists.
In the Khan Yunis area, forces from the 7th Armored Brigade directed a number of aircraft to eliminate terrorists identified there, as well as a combat helicopter that destroyed an observation post that endangered Israeli forces.

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