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Yogi Govt launches drive to boost rural tourism, 18 districts identified in 1st phase

Uttar Pradesh: In a bid to familiarise the nation's youth with the village culture, the Uttar Pradesh government led by Yogi Adityanath has launched a phase-wise campaign to boost rural tourism on September 17.
In the first phase of the campaign 18 districts have been selected where rural tourism will be promoted. From each of these districts, the government will pick two villages to boost tourism. "Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of villages in the country and has enormous potential in the agricultural tourism sector", said Mukesh Meshram, the principal secretary of the Department of Tourism.
The campaign will be the start of a process of promoting the rich historical and cultural heritage of the villages in the state.
"In addition to encouraging better agricultural practices, cow husbandry, craftsmanship, handloom, handicrafts, unique pure foods, biological and agricultural diversity, etc., we are beginning the process of promoting our rich historical, religious, and cultural heritage in the villages", Meshram remarked.
The advisory organisations for 18 districts across the state have already been selected in the first phase, according to the principal secretary.
"On behalf of these institutions, a survey will be conducted to identify two villages in each district where tourism will be promoted. A plan will also be chalked out to educate the younger generation about villages and their unique specialties in order to promote rural tourism," he said.
The representatives of the chosen institutions will contact the district magistrates of the selected districts and also speak with other stakeholders involved in tourism-related activities about issues pertaining to rural tourism.
"After the discussion, an action plan will be prepared on behalf of the chosen institutions by conducting a survey based on the primary issues. The Tourism department will continue to work to give agriculture tourism a fresh focus in the coming years", the official said.
Earlier in the day, praising the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Yogi said that for eight years the PM has spent working to advance Uttar Pradesh's development have been quite motivating, the CM remarked, "When we look at India's current development trajectory, we can see how 'Avinashi Kashi' (Kashi-The eternal city) marked the beginning of this trajectory".
The CM went on to say, "Under the supervision of the PM for the past eight years, the dream of great men about the sort of India they envisaged at the time of Independence, is being realised," noting that the Prime Minister represents UP in the parliament as a well-liked MP of Kashi. (ANI)

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