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Woman braves Tiger attack to save son in MP's Bandhavgarh

Jabalpur: A woman had to take severe blows from a Tiger while fighting it, in order to save her child in Jabalpur, near the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, on Tuesday.

The incident is from Rohaniya village. The attack by the tiger left both the mother and the child injured. Both are currently admitted to a hospital and are in stable conditions. Speaking to ANI, Lavit Bharti, the manager of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve said, "We had the information that the tiger is roaming out and people were also coming to watch the tiger. The lady didn't know about the tiger and went out, where the tiger attacked her. Both of them were injured and were admitted to a government hospital. After that, they were shifted to Jabalpur Medical College. Currently, both the mother and child are fine."
The incident happened when the woman was taking care of her farm. Suddenly, a tiger came and tried to attack the one-and-a-half-year-old child.

The woman had no other option than to cover the child by herself and kept taking every blow of the tiger. Neither she had any opportunity to run and nor did she had any weapon to fight back. So, she continued to sustain the attacks of the tiger.

She kept on shouting and praying for help. Finally, the tiger did leave the two after a while.
The incident left the child with injury on his head, while the mother was severely injured throughout her body.

Bhola Chowdhary, the husband of the injured woman, said that she had taken the child to the farm when the tiger attacked her.

"She didn't have any idea about the tiger being outside. She took the child to the farm for excretion, where the tiger was hiding. It attacked her and she was severely injured. We couldn't come to know this at that time and saw it a bit later," said the husband of the victim lady. (ANI)

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