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Vijay Varma on playing a role he hates: I am never going to revisit Darlings

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Alia Bhatt changed the dark comedy game on OTT platforms with the incredible Darlings. The film received love and appreciation all around and was even praised for the performances laid by all the actors. One specific actor who was especially praised was Vijay Varma. Although he played the grey villain, Hamza who is hated by the audience, the actor was commended for making Hamza so realistic. Joining the wagon of Hamza haters, Vijay too says that he hates his character to the core and would not revisit the film.

In a recent interview with Indian Express, Vijay revealed, “It is a difficult experience watching yourself be this man you hate. But I am done watching this film. I am never going to revisit it, I know it for a fact. What we had to do while making we did, what I had to see while watching, I have seen. I left the film soon after shooting it. The feeling of how it will be received and all the fear that I had are now put to rest. I am in a good space, finally. My favourite scenes are with Zulfi (Roshan Mathew). Those are the scenes that I can watch without feeling a lot of… I hate Hamza to the core, but the scene where they both are on the scooter and he asks, ‘Is this scent or powder? Are girls impressed by this?’ I kind of enjoy that scene.”

Vijay plays an alcoholic railway TC, Hamza, who beats his wife Badru (played by Alia Bhatt) every day. The film revolves around Badru’s retaliation against her husband with the help of her mother (played by Shefali Shah) and close friend Zulfi (Roshan Matthew).

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