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UP CM Yogi Adityanath conducts Janata Darshan at Gorakhnath Temple

Lucknow: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath listened to the problems of about 300 people during the Janata Darshan held at Gorakhnath Temple's Mahant Digvijaynath Smriti Auditorium and directed the officials to resolve them as soon as possible, said a press release on Thursday.
Addressing the visitors, the CM said "Whatever the problem is, there is absolutely no need for you to panic or worry while I am there. We are dedicated to finding a fair solution to everyone's problems. Nobody's treatment will be hampered for lack of money, nor a mafia will be able to capture anyone's land," added the press release. The woman who had come to the meet CM for a land-related problem had told the CM that she had no fare to go back home and the CM immediately directed the officials concerned to arrange her fare, as per the press release.
People came up with demands for financial assistance for the treatment of serious diseases, as well as complaints related to land disputes, encroachments, and fraudulent registration of lands during the Janata Darshan.
The CM categorically stated that no domineering person, or mafia figure, will be allowed to capture the lands of others and stern action will be taken against such elements to teach them a lesson.
On issues of land disputes within the family, the CM advised both parties to sit together and state their positions so that an amicable solution could be found within the confines of the law. "Whatever the issue is, it should be resolved quickly, fairly, and satisfactorily", the CM remarked.
CM Yogi assured those who came to seek financial assistance for the treatment of diseases that there would be no shortage of funds. He directed officials to collect the estimated treatment cost from the concerned hospital and make it available to the Chief Minister's office so that the assistance amount could be released from the CM's Discretionary Fund immediately. He directed the officers to complete the estimate process on priority.
Meanwhile, the CM showered his love and blessings on the children, who were accompanying their mothers at the Janata Darshan. The CM also inquired about the children's well-being, encouraged them to study, and gave them chocolates. (ANI)

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