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Union Minister Rane participates in first Infra Working Group meeting of G20 under India's Presidency

Pune: Union Minister Narayan Rane attended the first G-20 Infrastructure Working Group meeting under the G20 India Presidency on Monday in Pune, which will focus on various aspects of making cities economic growth centres, financing urban infrastructure, and making it future-ready.
The Union Minister not only attended the session but also addressed the inaugural session of the G20 Conference in Pune and added that India is now developing at a fast pace as cities like Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, and Nagpur are getting the attention of other countries. The minister also hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, saying that the country is proud of him and that India, in the last few years has successfully got the attention of the various nation with an increasing infrastructure and other development.
He also pointed out that many developed countries are taking part in the Working Group meeting under India's G20 Presidency.
"Many developed countries are taking part in it. We also want to be a developed country. We are proud of our PM. In the last 8 years, our country has successfully got the attention of various nations in our increasing infrastructure and other development," Rane said during his speech at the inaugural session in Pune.
"Today In Pune G20 Conference Inaugurated it's a two-day conference. I feel lucky to inaugurate the event as it's an international conference," the Union Minister added.
During his address, Rane also said that the Central government is focused on Maharashtra for industrial development and the effort is to create jobs in all districts. Pune being an industrial hub, the city will have special attention, he added.
The IWG meeting, held as part of India's G-20 Presidency, is scheduled for January 16-17 in Pune, Maharashtra, and will bring together forum members, guest countries and international organisations invited by India to discuss the 2023 Infrastructure Agenda.
The meeting is being hosted by the Department of Economic Affairs, and the Ministry of Finance, along with Australia and Brazil as the co-chairs, the official statement of the Ministry of External Affairs read.
The G20 Infrastructure Working Group deliberates on various aspects of infra investments, incl developing infra as an asset class, promoting quality infrastructure investment and identifying innovative instruments for mobilizing financial resources for infrastructure investment.
The flagship priority to be discussed in this meeting is "Financing Cities of Tomorrow: Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable." (ANI)

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