Thursday, December, 02,2021

Under Yogi’s tight leash, UP babus have little leeway to falter

Lucknow: IAS officers, who are an essential clog in the smooth running of the government might become the government’s weak link. There is a widespread notion among the public that after the Yogi government came to power, the arbitrariness of the officers has been curbed.

The Yogi government which has been working with great honesty and transparency be it be policy making decisions or transfers/posting as good officers have been given postings in good positions while those against whom there are complaints have been given less important posting.

The situation is now such that the officers of IAS, IPS, IFS, PCS, PPS cadre are hesitating to inform the government about their problems or opinions. The officers who used to celebrate IAS Week every year during the Akhilesh government are no where to be seen now.

It was only after a lot of difficulties and requests that 1986 batch IAS officer Alok Sinha was elected the new president of UP IAS Association after its previous president Deepak Trivedi passed away due to Covid. The association, which had not held AGM for a many years, finally met after IAS Ranjan Kumar, General Secretary of UP IAS Association managed to bring together two dozen officers to Divisional Commissioner Lucknow following which Alok Sinha was elected.

What is to be seen now is that with the election of the president having taken such a long duration, how much more time will it take for the IAS officers to start celebrating the IAS week in the state.

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