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"Those who criticise India abroad today..." CM Yogi hits out at Rahul Gandhi

Gorakhpur: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday made a veiled attack on Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in response to his statement made in London.
CM Yogi said that while Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making the country famous in the world, some people are trying to defame the country. Addressing a seminar here, Chief Minister said, "While under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi India's dominance on global platforms is growing, some people are criticizing India on foreign soil. The people criticising Indian democracy today are the same people who left no stone unturned to strangle democracy itself when they were given a chance."
The Chief Minister said that these people criticise the country when they are abroad, but when they are home, they criticise Uttar Pradesh.
CM Yogi added that such people who wish to weaken the strong democracy of the country and whose family's legacy has been that of the politics of divide and rule should be recognised and must not be allowed to succeed in their evil designs.
He added that in the times to come, India will be the country to show the way to the world.
CM Yogi said that getting the leadership of the G20 shows India's potential, pointing out that the country's global dominance is growing.
"Whether it is Afghanistan or the Russia-Ukraine war, the initiative of PM Modi is awaited everywhere. Prime Ministers of Italy and Australia visited India recently whereas the Japanese PM is going to visit India soon. All these present a new picture of the country," the Chief Minister said.
"In the last nine years, India under the leadership of PM Modi, has taken a giant leap in almost every sphere of life. There has been a massive positive change in every field from farming to innovation. Income of people has increased many fold and space travel is also being done through private satellite," he asserted.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had said it is the duty of every Indian living around the world to protect democracy" India's democracy.
The Congress MP, who was on a visit to the UK, criticised the Centre alleging that an attack has been unleashed on the basic structure of Indian democracy.
The Congress MP, who is visiting the UK, criticised the Centre alleging that an attack has been unleashed on the basic structure of Indian democracy.
Rahul Gandhi in an interaction at the Chatham House in London termed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) a "fundamentalist" and "fascist" organisation alleging that it has captured pretty much all of India's institutions.
He said, "The nature of democratic contest in India has completely changed and the reason is that one organisation called RSS - a fundamentalist, fascist organisation has basically captured pretty much all of India's institutions."
Rahul Gandhi further said Europe and the US are not doing enough to restore democracy in India as they are getting trade and money from the country. "Why Europe and the US - the defenders of democracies were oblivious of how a huge chunk of democracy in India has come undone?" he questioned.
The Congress leader also mentioned how the various institutions in the country were under threat.
"It shocked me how successful they have been at capturing the different institutions of our country. Press, Judiciary, Parliament, and Election Commission are all under threat and are controlled in one way or the other," Rahul Gandhi said.
"You can ask any Opposition leader as to how agencies are used. My phone had Pegasus on it, which was not happening when we were in power," he added.
The Congress MP highlighted the condition of the Dalits and minorities in India.
He said, "In India, you can see what is being done to Dalits, tribals, and minorities. It is not that Congress is saying it. There are articles in the foreign press all the time that there is a serious problem with Indian democracy." (ANI)

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