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Telangana: Government distributes medicines for free

Hyderabad: Telangana government Friday distributed free medicines to all patients at the Golconda Area Hospital.
The K Chandrashekhar Rao-led Telangana government provided free medicines as a part of a welfare scheme to benefit the poor. "We get good free medicine at the government hospital. My child was diagnosed with Typhoid. They did tests and also gave medicine. I thank MLA Kausar Moinuddin and the Telangana Government," Mohammad Afsar from Narsingi said.
a Pharmacist expressed his gratitude towards the Chief Minister KCR and Health Minister Harish Rao for the initiative. "I have been working here for the past 5 years. We are able to provide good and free medicines to all patients. We get around 1200 to 1300 patients every day. We have all the medicines for children and adults including antibiotics and syrups. We receive regular supplies from the depot. We thank the Telangana Government, Chief Minister KCR and Health Minister Harish Rao for this," he said.

Pooja a beneficiary of free medicines said that We get good treatment and all medicines for free here at Golconda hospital. I thank Chief Minister KCR.
Another beneficiary Sana begum recited, "I have been taking diabetes medicine from Golconda hospital for a year. They provide good quality medicines. I thank Chief Minister KCR."
Earlier this month, Telangana Minister for Finance, Health, Medical and Family Welfare T Harish Rao, participated in the distribution of Aasara Pension Cards to dialysis patients at Indian Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Vengalarao Nagar, Hyderabad.
Harish Rao said that Aasara pensions are being given to five thousand dialysis patients across the state and Identity cards were being given to them on October 10.

Harish said "I am very happy that Chief Minister KCR is providing an Aasara pension to dialysis patients, I am thankful to him. Telangana State is the only state in the country that provides pensions to dialysis patients. This was possible only under the leadership of the Chief Minister. The government has allocated 100 crores in the budget for kidney patients. Telangana is the only first state to introduce a single use filter for dialysis patients."
Harish also stated that the government is providing a single use dialysis system, free bus passes for dialysis patients and now Aasara pensions. The government is giving free kidney transplants under Arogya Shri by giving 10 lakhs. Kidney transplant recipients are given free medicines for life. These services are provided in Gandhi, Osmania, Nims.
Harish further stated that the government is spending thousands of crores every month for Aasara pensions. In Maharastra, a pension of 1000 rupees is given, while in Karnataka it is only 600, Telangana state is giving 2016 rupees. (ANI)

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