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Solving everyone's problems is the priority of the UP govt: CM Yogi during Janata Darshan

Gorakhpur: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath heard 300 people during the Janata Darshan held at Gorakhnath temple on Sunday morning and directed concerned officers to ensure prompt and quality resolution of people's problems.
Emphasising that solving people's problems and redressing their grievances are the priorities of his government, CM Yogi assured them of justice for all. The Chief Minister collected the applications related to the people's problems and handed them over to the concerned officers with instructions to ensure the timely, quality and satisfactory disposal of each one. CM Yogi met the people one by one at the Janata Darshan organised outside Mahant Digvijaynath Smriti Auditorium of Gorakhnath Temple, listened to their issues patiently and took prayer letters from them while assuring them of satisfactory resolution of their problems and asking them not to worry during his government.
Many people had also come to Janata Darshan seeking financial help for the treatment of serious diseases. The Chief Minister directed the officers to expedite the estimation of the cost of treatment and send it to the government. The CM said that sufficient funds would be made available for the treatment and that no one's treatment would be hindered due to lack of funds. A number of women and people from minority communities also attended the Janata Darshan. CM Yogi also blessed children who came with some women and gave them chocolates while motivating them to study.
Prior to meeting people at Janata Darshan, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath attended to cows in the cowshed of Gorakhnath temple, feeding them jaggery and gram. As soon as the chief minister called out cows by their names, they came running to him. (ANI)

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