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Sameera Reddy says she was not happy after the birth of her first child

Actress Sameera Reddy has been living a quiet life since her marriage. The actress has been raising her two children out of the limelight but frequently updates her fans with pictures on her social media. Recently, the actress shared on social media that she suffered from postpartum stress after the birth of her first child. The actress who is married to Akshai Varde gave birth to her son Hans in 2015.

She revealed that she was unaware of the illness and could not seek help on time due to that. She shared a collage of two past photos with one showcasing her holding her son while sitting on a chair. A coconut was kept on her head while performing a ritual. The second photo showed her standing while holding Hans in her arms, smiling for the camera. The actress shared, “Even though mental illnesses can’t be seen, they exist. Mental health awareness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior such as Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PPD etc. For me Postpartum stress was hard and i did not act fast enough because I was unaware it existed. The pics I shared in this post was me at my lowest.”



She further stated that she was unable to feel happy no matter how she tried after the birth of their child. “I still reflect on these moments and it only drives me harder to reach out to anyone not feeling good about themselves ️ You are not alone. And being there for each other in tough times is so important,” the actress added.

Sameera further listed pointers on how to help ourselves and others adding “Take care of yourself & be aware of your”, “Listen without judgement” and “Share your story” among them.

The actress got married to entrepreneur Akshai Varde in 2014 and gave birth to her son Hans in 2015. The couple welcome their second child, daughter Nyra in 2019.

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