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India has become 5th largest economy under PM Modi: CM

Mumbai: CM Bhajan Lal Sharma on Saturday addressed the Rajasthan Conference in South Mumbai and said that after 2014, PM Modi started schemes for the welfare of the poor in the country. “Under his leadership, the nation has seen work ranging from development plans to border security and increasing the country’s pride in the world. When Modi ji sends Rs 100 from Centre for development, the entire amount is spent on the ground,” the CM said.

Sharma further added that under leadership of PM, a poor man’s bank account was opened in country and accident insurance was possible for Rs 12.

“Under the leadership of the PM, the country has become fifth largest economy in the world and will soon become the third largest economy. Swami Vivekananda had said that the 21st century will belong to India. PM Modi is fulfilling this dream. This election is an election to show India’s strength in world. PM has done great work for Rajasthan. After the formation of our govt, Modi ji fulfilled the aspirations of people and gave approval of ERCP scheme and Yamuna water agreement for Shekhawati. A double engine govt is working in Rajasthan. The dreams of the youth were shattered due to the leak of 17 papers in the previous government, we formed a SIT to take strict action against the culprits and arrested 100 people,” he said.

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