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Rhino chases tourist vehicle in Kaziranga National Park; video goes viral

Kaziranga: After Manas National Park, another one-horned rhinoceros was seen chasing a tourist's vehicle in Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve of Assam on Friday.
The incident took place under the Bagori forest range office area at the national park on Friday. A tourist saw a one-horned rhinoceros running after their vehicle. In a video which was shot by a tourist, the rhinoceros was seen chasing his vehicle inside the national park for a kilometre.

Ramesh Gogoi, DFO of Kaziranga National Park said that the incident took place in the Bagori Range of the Park on Friday evening.

"No one was injured in the chase," Ramesh Gogoi added.
Earlier, one-horned rhinoceros was seen in the Manas National Park of Assam. The video of the rhinoceros went viral in which the animal was seen chasing a tourist vehicle in Manas National Park.
"This happened on December 29. No casualty was reported," said Babul Brahma, Forest Range officer, at Manas National Park.
On March 29 the population of one-horned rhinoceros increased by 200 over the last four years in Assam's Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve, officials said.
The rhino counts at Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve stood at 2613 comprising 866 males, 1049 females, 273 unsexed, 279 juveniles and 146 calves.
"2613 rhinoceros were counted, which is an increase of 200 rhinos over the last count of 2413 conducted in 2018," informed Jatindra Sarma, Director of Kaziranga National Park. (ANI)

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