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Punjab Rural Development Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal claims stubble burning down this year

Chandigarh: Punjab Rural Development Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal today said that the number of stubble burning incidents in Punjab has decreased since the previous year.
He also reacted to Arvind Kejriwal's comparison of Manish Sisodia to Bhagat Singh and the NIA raids in Punjab. Dhaliwal said, "The effect of appeal made by Punjab's government has been shown as compared to the last year, this time in 2020 there were 5,562 stubble burning incidents in Punjab, in 2021 2,389 incidents and in 2022, up till date there have been only 1,447 stubble burning incidents which is very low in comparison." He also stated, "we will give more facilities to the farmers in the coming year so that these incidents will decrease eventually."
"The death of 2 people in Shahkot of Jalandhar yesterday, is a very sad incident, and we would like to appeal to the farmers to lessen the burning of stubble and the government is bringing new policies to deal with it," Dhaliwal said.
On Kejriwal linking Manish Sisodia with Bhagat Singh, Dhaliwal said, "he meant that Sisodia is the one who is working on Bhagat Singh's principles and is following the path of Bhagat Singh, other opposition parties keep making absurd statements."
The Punjab minister reacted on the ongoing raids of the NIA and said "we are already very serious about law and order and are working to eliminate the gangsters, if any agency of the Centre is willing to work on the issue, we'll cooperate and will provide all possible help." (ANI)

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