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PM Modi gifts Meghalaya, Nagaland's culture and craftsmanship to German Chancellor Scholz

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted symbols of Meghalaya and Nagaland's culture and craftsmanship to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Saturday.
In the gifts, Meghalaya stoles were one of the items which looked elegant and beautiful. They carry a rich history and a royal lineage that dates back centuries. The state of Meghalaya, located in the northeastern part of India, is known for its indigenous tribes, each with its distinct culture and heritage. The weaving of Meghalaya stoles is an ancient tradition passed down through generations. Meghalaya stoles were originally woven for the Khasi and Jaintia royalty, who considered them a symbol of their power and status. The stoles were worn during ceremonial occasions and festivals, and their intricate designs and vibrant colours were a reflection of the royal family's wealth and prestige.

The designs used in Meghalaya stoles were highly symbolic and held great significance in the tribe's culture and tradition. For instance, the use of animal motifs such as tigers and elephants was a symbol of power and strength, while the use of floral patterns was a symbol of beauty and grace. The designs used in the stoles reflected the royal family's beliefs, myths, and legends, and were a testament to their cultural heritage.
Today, these stoles continue to be a symbol of Meghalaya's rich cultural heritage and are a testament to the weavers' skill and creativity. The stoles are highly prized for their exquisite craftsmanship and intricate designs, and they are still worn by members of elite families during ceremonial occasions and festivals. The stoles have also gained international recognition and are sought after by textile enthusiasts worldwide.
Meanwhile, another gift was the Naga shawl and one of the most striking features is the use of geometric and symbolic designs. The designs are inspired by the tribe's myths, legends, and beliefs, with designs having specific meanings and significance.
Earlier, PM Modi met German Chancellor and held productive talks. Taking to Twitter, PM Modi said, "Our talks focussed on ways to boost India-Germany cooperation and further augment trade ties. We also agreed to deepen ties in renewable energy, green hydrogen and biofuels. Security cooperation was also discussed."
After the meeting, PM Modi and Scholz met top CEOs and discussed ways to strengthen economic relations between the two nations. Sectors like digital transformation, FinTech, IT and telecom featured prominently in the meeting. (ANI)

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