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MP CM Chouhan slams Kamal Nath for cutting temple-shaped cake with Lord Hanuman's portrait

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday slammed Congress leader Kamal Nath for cutting a cake which was in the shape of a temple with Lord Hanuman's portrait on it, saying that he was playing with Hindu sentiments.
Chouhan told reporters that they (Congress) had nothing to do with devotion to God. They opposed the construction of the Ram Mandir but when they saw that it caused a loss of votes, then they started remembering Lord Hanuman. "Making Lord Hanuman's portrait on a cake and cutting it is an insult to the Hindu religion and Sanatan tradition. Society will not accept it," Chouhan added.
Notably, former CM Kamal Nath cut a cake which was in the shape of a temple and Lord Hanuman's portrait was also in it. Nath cut the cake in Shikarpur area of Chhindwara district on Tuesday. A video of the incident has also gone viral on social media.

After that, BJP District President Vivek Bunty Sahu held a press conference and made serious allegations against Nath of playing with Hindu sentiments. He said, "Former CM Nath may have built Lord Hanuman's temple, but he does not have faith in the temple. He and his entire family often leave no stone unturned to play with the faith of Hindu."
On the other hand, Congress spokesperson Ajay Yadav said, "Nath is a religious person. He built a 121 feet Hanuman temple in Chhindwara before becoming the Chief Minister of the state. Supporters bring different types of gifts like cakes, flowers and garlands on the occasion of birthdays. It is not possible to separate the cakes and other materials which were brought by the workers. A worker has brought a cake of such artwork and it becomes difficult for the leaders to avoid the sentiments of workers. That's why Bharatiya Janata Party should not give importance to such issues." (ANI)

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