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Govt portal offered more jobs than applied for in FY24: 1.09 crore Vs 87.27 lakh

New Delhi: Vacancies listed on the government's job portal National Career Service (NCS) displayed an interesting trend. The NCS data shows that in the fiscal year 2023-24 jobs available through the portal were significantly higher than job seekers.
The number of job-seekers registered through the portal in FY24 is 87,27,900 as against job vacancies of 1,092,4161, as per NCS data.
The data also suggests that in FY24 the number of jobs available on the portal saw a 214 per cent or almost three time jump over the previous year. Job vacancies posted on the portal by employers were 1,092,4161 in FY24 as against 34,81,944 in FY23. However, opposed to this job-seekers growth was mere 53 per cent from 57,20,748 in FY23 to 87,20,900 in FY24.
A senior government official told ANI that the surge in job vacancies signifies a higher growth in the economy. On March 30, this year Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Mumbai that India may grow 8 percent or more in FY24.
"You had three quarters of growth above 8 per cent, and hopefully, the fourth quarter which ends tomorrow, will also be 8 per cent or above 8 per cent, resulting in 2023-24 having a GDP growth of 8 per cent or above 8 percent," Sitharaman had said.
In FY24, the highest number of job vacancies listed on the NCS portal was in the finance and insurance sector at 46,68,845 vacancies, a 134 per cent jump over the previous year. This was followed by operations and support sector at 14,46,404 listed vacancies, which was 286 per cent jump over previous year. Civil and construction sector saw a booming 11,75,900 vacancies as against a mere 9396 vacancies in FY23. Job vacancies in other service activities saw a 199 percent jump in FY24 at 10,70,206 vacancies as against 3,58,177 vacancies in FY23.
NCS data also shows that growth in job vacancies for manufacturing saw a jump of 526 per cent in FY24 over FY23 at 6,89,466 vacancies verses 1,10,175. Similarly, significant growth was seen in job vacancies in other sectors like IT & Communications, Transport & storage, Education and specialised professional services.
Jobs were posted on the NCS portal by employers for people with different skills and educational qualifications.
For 12th pass 68,77,532 jobs were posted which was 179 per cent up from FY23. For 10th pass or below there were 27,04,280 jobs were posted which was 452 per cent up from previous year. For ITI and diploma holders 4,02,192 jobs were posted in FY24 which was 378 per cent up from the previous year.
For graduates the number of jobs posted on the portal were 7,33,277 which was 129 per cent more than FY23. Those who were post graduate, PhD or PG diploma holders for them 60,531 jobs 123 per cent up from FY23.
The data on the government portal suggests that there were enough jobs available for every category of job seekers. More demand were for low skilled and low paid jobs. The number of active employers on the NCS job portal stands at 15,64,800, which is 89 per cent more than FY23.

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