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"Main to Baniya hun, pura hisaab lekar aaya hun": Amit Shah targets Congress in MP

Vidisha: Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched a scathing attack on the INDIA bloc and the Congress in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh alleging that the Congress was in no position to guarantee anything.
Addressing a rally in Vidisha, Amit Shah said "These INDI Alliance people and Congress people cannot do any good to the MP. Right now Congress has given 5 guarantees. I want to say that what guarantee will those give who do not have their own guarantee? Modi ji has done what he had said in these 9 years. I want to ask Kamal Nath that during the 10 years of UPA's government at the Centre, how much money did the Sonia Gandhi-Manmohan Singh government give to the MP? From 2004-14, they gave Rs 2 lakh crore to MP and Modi ji increased it to Rs 6 lakh 35 thousand crore in 9 years. Apart from this, Rs 5 lakh crore were given for different schemes."
" I am a trader; I have brought all the accounts (Main to Baniya hun pura hisaab lekar aaya hun)," he added.
Further, Home Minister Amit Shah announced that if his party forms the government in MP, then there will be an increase in various schemes of the centre for the state.
"Congress talks about the welfare of the poor. They did not eliminate poverty but only eliminated the poor. Modi ji has taken many steps for the poor in 9 years. Only in MP, Rs 6000 has been sent to the accounts of 93 lakh farmers every year. If our government forms, we will increase the price from Rs 6000 to Rs 12000. Tap water is supplied to the homes of 65 lakh poor people. Approximately 3 crore 70 lakh people are provided free of cost expenses up to Rs 5 lakh under Ayushman Bharat. If our government is formed, then in the coming days the free treatment of Rs 5 lakh will become Rs 10 lakh," Amit Shah said.
Praising PM Modi, Amit Shah said that the country's economy which was at number 11 has been brought to number 5 in just 9 years.
"Modi ji brought the heads of states from all over the world here and spread the flag of India's diplomacy in the world with the Delhi Declaration. Modi ji has done the work of respecting women with 33 percent reservation in the House. Congress did the work of hanging the Ram temple issue. Rahul Baba used to say that the temple will be built there... but will not tell the date. The date is January 22, 2024," Amit Shah said.

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