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Kumar Vishwas apologises for his "illiterate" remark on RSS

Ujjain: Former AAP leader and poet Kumar Vishwas on Wednesday, apologised for his remark on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and said that he did not have the intention to hurt anyone's feeling.
Addressing the Day-2 of the Vikramotsav event in Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain on Wednesday, Kumar Vishwas said, "I had just told the child that it would not happen just by speaking son, you will have to study, you do not study." "Some friends found that thing bad. If any friend felt that I had said such a thing, then I apologize," said the former AAP leader in Ujjain on Wednesday night.
"I told the organisers that if anyone has objections, I will not come from tomorrow. But, people from Delhi to Bhopal said that I should definitely come and express my views," said Vishwas.
He further added saying, "Even my 87-year-old father keeps on telling me that I have not studied properly, but that's good because as long as he keeps on telling me that, I will keep on studying and learning."
Earlier on Tuesday, Vishwas during the Vikramotsav event in Ujjain recalled an incident and said, "A boy who works with the RSS asked me how the budget should be. I said, you have voted the government for Ram Rajya, so the budget should also be like that."
"There was no Budget in Ram Rajya, said the boy, to which I said this was your problem. While you are illiterate, communists are ill-informed," Vishwas had added.
His comment on the RSS went viral on social media, drawing strong criticism from the right wing. (ANI)

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