Thursday, August, 18,2022

In support of Mahesh Babu, actress Jayashree Venketaramanan states even Hollywood cannot afford Rajnikanth

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Mahesh Babu created quite a stir when he stated that Bollywood cannot afford him. Every celebrity has their two cents to give about the topic and while many were offended by his statements, several others supported the actor for his honesty. Now, television actress Jayashree Venketaramanan has come in support of Mahesh Babu, further stating that not only Bollywood but even Hollywood cannot.

She said, “Mahesh Babu has been one of my favourites. I know and understand the kind of craze people have for Mahesh Babu. Most of us are also aware of the fact that people worship Rajnikanth sir. I have personally seen people have Rajnikanth’s photo kept next to their Gods at home, now you tell who would want to leave such a place, can money buy any of this! So in that sense, honestly forget Mahesh Babu, and Bollywood even Hollywood can’t afford Rajnikanth.”

“Well, if you ask me, I’d like to say that I have seen Mahesh Babu’s interviews in the past too and have never felt that he was arrogant in any way. Even in the latest interview, he started, by saying that ‘this might sound arrogant but I don’t think Bollywood can afford me,’ I think what he meant was that the kind of stardom and love he gets there, is incomparable and something that can’t be measured by money, and over the years if you are revered in such a way who would want to go someplace else and start afresh. He is a humble human being,” she added.

The controversial statements by the Zindagi Khatti Meethi actress have now been added to the long list of views that people have shared over the topic. But it will remain a fact that Mahesh Babu will be an iconic actor no matter in Bollywood or Tollywood. But Jayashree’s words come as a fact check for the people who think that Bollywood is the way for actors to get their utmost validation.

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